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The Fabraco Solution

The Fabraco solution celebrates innovative, energy efficient and affordable design – exceeding the needs of our wide range of client’s and creating a range of sleek and smart spaces that are designed, manufactured and delivered within weeks and with minimal disruption.


From a family who want to create that bespoke space they’ve dreamed of within their own home surroundings; to an individual setting up a home office, garden room or gym; to a tourist provider that wants to offer an affordable luxury getaway; to a housing provider who wants to tackle the homelessness epidemic by creating new communities – our team have the expertise, experience and passion to deliver.


How it Works: A Simple Three Step Process

Step 1

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Step 2

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Offsite Construction

Step 3

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Onsite Installation

Thinking the Fabraco Way

Intelligent Design

Maximising the available space, the architecturally designed Fabraco solution give clients the sense of a smart, homely, luxury space that's affordable.

Quality Control

The Fabraco solution is compliant with UK & EU building legislation, using high quality materials, produced by an expert team of designers and manufacturers.


The Fabraco solution is versatile, customisable, durable and scalable depending on the clients’ need. A range of bespoke features and finishes are available.

Faster Homes

Whether it’s a one-off bespoke purchase (6-week lead time) or the need to create a new community, our simple three step process from consultation, offsite construction to onsite installation is an efficient and quality experience for all clients.

Cost Saving

The Fabraco solution celebrates intelligent design, precision manufacturing and a simple three step process without the expensive price tag.

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