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Medical Pods


Our flexible platform can be configured as an primary care unit, critical care unit, surgical suite, trauma/emergency unit, dental suite, or most any other medical space as needed by our clients.

We have a number of accommodation units available for immediate deployment that comply with all current Government and health & safety regulations. Our team are on stand-by to assist further if you require the units to be configured for hospital or field-based inspection units and if required we can assist with medical storage as well as additional support for command and control modules.

Our multi-purpose units serve a range of uses including additional medical assessment units (MAU), bedrooms containment, ICU and isolation units as well as medical supply rooms. The individual units allow for effective sanitation and efficient sterilisation. Our units can be delivered and installed on-site within days and given the fluidity and demands on the health sector we are prepared to accommodate your needs

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Download our Brochure

If you are looking for a modular build solution take a look at our brochure or get in touch and speak to our team.

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