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Have Any Questions?

Please check out our information regarding the most frequently asked questions below. If you can't find any answers to your question please feel free to get in touch with us

What surface is needed for installing the units?

Units can be placed on a wide range of surfaces. They are self supporting and don't require a foundation. They can be set up with 4 self levelling plates or 4 corner concrete patch stones

Can I get a bank loan/mortgage?

The house/units can get a secured mortgage from  a lender based on the value of the unit. (T&C's apply)

Do I need to connect the units to the electricity supply?

Yes, you will need access to electricity supply/generator

Do I need to connect the units to the main water supply?

Yes these homes should be connected to the main water supply. You can therefore have domestic appliances such as washing machines installed

How does drainage work?

The units can be connected to a septic tank if you don't have mains sewerage connected to your house

Do they have a resale value?

Yes, there is a market for pre-owned units subject to the condition and the residential market at that stage of resale. Small depreciation

What is the life expectancy of a modular home?

With proper care and maintenance, modular units can be expected to last a lifetime

Can I come and view the units?

Fabraco have show houses and therefore can accommodate open houses for viewing before purchasing. Please contact our team for more information

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