Commercial Solutions


Fabraco’s team of designers and engineers are vastly experienced in providing custom space solutions to include, but not limited to, offices, retail space and modern storage units.

Our collaborative approach will ensure the final product not only meets, but surpasses your needs.   



Commercial Office Container.jpg

Office Solutions

The office space solution is designed to maximise the performance of our clients operations each and every day. Our solution allows you to simply ‘plug and play’ your office equipment and add your furniture for a fully functional office, designed for you and your teams specific needs.


Commercial Retail Container.jpg

Retail Solutions

We understand that each and every retail space can be as individual as that of the product or service it provides. Fabraco specialise in retail innovations to include cafés, bars and shops. With Fabraco your branding and retail proposition is professionally designed and applied for impact and customer experience, helping you maximise awareness and revenue for your business.


Commercial Storage Containers.jpg

Storage Solutions

Available in either one, two or more modular based options.  We understand that individual and business storage requirements can be very different, that is why the storage container solution is the perfect fit for all your storage needs. Safe, secure and easy transported.

Contact our team of specialists today to see how we can help you and your team on your current or next project.